It is essential to floss every day. A toothbrush alone can only remove half of all plaque. To clean everywhere, you need to floss. GUM TWISTED FLOSS helps you clean deeper, below the gum line and between teeth, where plaque tends to hide.

It is made of two tightly twisted strings.

Together, they cover 30% more floss surface than a standard floss and easily glide between your teeth while delivering a fresh sensation of minty green tea.





  • With a uniquely refreshing minty green tea flavour
  • Two twisted strings cover 30% more floss surface*
  • Waxed, for an easy glide
  • Gentle on gums

*compared to single strand

It’s time to twist and feel extra fresh & clean, with GUM TWISTED FLOSS.

Experience a refreshing minty green tea sensation every time you floss.

Two twisted strings cover 30% more floss surface. They help you clean deep where plaque tends to hide.

By flossing every day, you can benefit from complete self-care and care for your whole mouth, cleaning where a toothbrush alone cannot.