Did you know that brushing alone only removes up to 50% of plaque? That’s why flossing should be an essential part of your daily oral care routine.

GUM EASY FLOSS makes flossing simple. It is made from a special material (PTFE) that helps it to slide easily between even the tightest spaces and below the gumline for effective plaque removal. Its unique design is strong and shred-resistant. 


  • Shred-resistant monofilament floss
  • Cleans between teeth and below gumline
  • Soft and gentle on gums

No, it is not.
PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene or more commonly known as Teflon. This material has many applications.

For flosses, it is mainly used as a non-stick coating, so it allows a good permeability of the floss, while ensuring low friction, which helps the floss to easily slide between the teeth.