GUM® Original White Toothbrush

It is very natural for teeth to become stained over time, but we know that this can be damaging to your confidence.

Get your smile back with the GUM Original White Toothbrush. This innovative design is proven to remove stains more effectively than a regular manual toothbrush.

Its special elastomer-coated filaments are particularly effective in gently removing stains and plaque, helping restore the original whiteness of your teeth and improving your oral health.





  • Superior stain removal (versus a standard toothbrush)
  • Effective plaque removal between the teeth and along the gumline thanks to a special bristle configuration and brush head shape
  • 4 trendy colors available
  • Use with the GUM Original White Toothpaste for best results

The recommended length of time for the GUM Original White Toothbrush is 3 months. However, you might want to change your toothbrush after a cold or flu or as soon as the bristles begin to flare.
For more information on how to brush, visit our page.

For best results, check out the complete kit – it brings together all the tools you need to gently remove and keep stains off your teeth, all while fortifying gums and enamel.