GUM® ActiVital® Mouthwash

Taking good care of our teeth and gums is really important, but it’s not always easy.

Stress, not eating properly, hormonal fluctuations, or smoking can all take their toll, and around 70% of us will suffer from gum problems at some point.

These can lead to more serious health conditions, so it’s vital to tackle them as early as possible. The GUM ActiVital range has been specially developed to protect your gums and teeth for life, and prevent problems before they occur

Designed to be used twice daily for at least 30 seconds after brushing your teeth, our multi-functional GUM ActiVital Daily Mouthwash helps keep your mouth healthy today and for the long term.





  • Antioxidant benefits of coenzyme Q10 and natural pomegranate extracts
  • Anti-plaque action thanks to the innovative ingredient LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) that prevents the attachment of bacteria on the tooth surface
  • Fluoride and Isomalt promote enamel remineralization and prevent caries
  • Gentle mouthwash without alcohol
  • With soothing ginger and bisabolol to strengthen the gums
  • Fresh mint flavor

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse contains Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate (LAE). This innovative ingredient - with an anti-plaque action which helps prevent bacteria from attaching to the tooth surface - is only suitable for children of 10 years and older.

LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) has electrostatic properties and hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties that help prevent bacteria from attaching to the tooth surface.

The bacteria in your mouth use food-derived sugars to produce acids. The innovative LAE (Ethy Lauroyl Arginate) ingredient helps prevent the bacteria from adhering to the tooth surface, thus reducing the production of acids.

The LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) in the GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse offers complete protection for teeth and gums. It forms a protective barrier for teeth, helping to prevent microorganisms from attaching to the tooth surface. This helps limit the re-growth of plaque and protects gums. 

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse is safe for use with prostheses. Its ingredients do not interact with dental prosthetics like alloys, ceramics and PMMA-based materials.

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse is not suitable for people with a known allergy to mint flavour or some of its ingredients.

The bisabolol, ginger and pomegranate in the GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse are naturally sourced.
Ginger and pomegranate are natural plant extracts (ginger is extracted from the rhizome, pomegranate from the fruit).
Bisabolol is naturally occurring in some plants (e.g. Chamomile), but for greater sustainability, is often produced via chemical synthesis. This synthetic variant is used in the GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse. 

The Q10 active ingredient in the GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse is of natural origin. Like bread and beer, it is produced through fermentation.

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse is gluten-free and does not contain lactose. Because no lactose or dairy products are processed in the manufacturing site, the probability of lactose contamination in the supply chain is extremely low.

LAE (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate) in the GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse can adhere to the surface of the toxins left over by bacteria, preventing them from communicating with other cells and thus neutralising toxins.

Under oxidative stress caused by an increased presence of bacteria, our tissues and cells produce more free radicals. Q10 and pomegranate can help block the action of free radicals.

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse contains minimal quantities of fructose as its pomegranate ingredient is extracted from fruit.
Despite the very low probability of an allergic reaction, we cannot recommend its use by a person with a fructose allergy or intolerance.

The GUM ActiVital Mouthrinse is safe for use by all adults. If you are pregnant, ask your healthcare professional for advice before using it.

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